Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Teachers and Watchdogs

Our organization gets many emails and comments about the plan for the international government, but perhaps the most interesting correspondence so far was from Anonymous. The man contacted me and asked about the plan for the international government, and must have been satisfied with the responses, because after several exchanges, he never came back. We are not being targeted by an Anonymous campaign. 

From that personal experience, I see Anonymous as a watchdog organization that, if you are not standing on the principles, can make your life very difficult. There may be different opinions about the organization, but that may depend on your responses to their questions.  

There are always a minimum of 144,000 Lightbearers on the planet, and each is a teacher to his or culture or language. They function as watchdogs of the organization. In our World Peace Marketing Strategy, the higher rows are the teachers to the lower rows, and the lower rows function as watchdogs to the higher rows. The fourth row functions as watchdogs to the organization. 

Imagine a husband says he is working late at night and his wife is worried, and she is functioning as his watchdog. It is up to him to try to prove to her his innocence. The children are watchdogs to the mother to make she she is protecting the family and not reacting out of fear, and it is up to the children to demonstrate their confidence in their mother to the neighbors and extended family, and the neighbors and adversaries and enemies are watchdogs to the entire family. They function for their own interests, but they can make life difficult for the family or help in a time of crisis. 

Lightbearers are teachers to their segment of the people, but during this time period, everyone on the planet has been going through a severe spiritual test, including the Lightbearers. Everyone is in crisis, but the Lightbearers don't know what to teach. For January of 2008 to  December of 2012, all the spiritual cycles lined up, and because change only occurs easily at the beginning and the end of the cycle, this has been a time of great change, and that has been unsettling, but the end of the cycles including the end of life crisis, which involves overcoming death. How many people do you know that can overcome death? In the Bible, people lived to be 800 years old. How did they do that? 

In 2007, to prepare for this test, I channeled a letter to the channels and to twelve people who are named as miracle workers for four miracles. I sent out invitations at that time, but got no response. Now, the channels are in crisis, including the end of life crisis, and it will take miracles for the miracle workers to show up at the training session. Two people from each team will demonstrate the miracles, and one will become the teacher. 

After the training session, we will share our experiences with others. Being able to do miracles is not evidence of divinity. It is understanding the spiritual principles associated with each, and it is probably more evidence that you have overcome a major misunderstanding in your life. At that point, we will know what to say because we can speak from personal experience.