Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Should Pope Francis Resign?

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There are calls for Pope Francis to resign due to his failure
to address the sexual abuse by priests scandal. 
There are two issues facing the Catholic church that cannot be resolved from within the church--sexual abuse by the priests and terrorism that came as the result of the Crusades. The church teaches its parishioners about the Seven Deadly Sins, and these two issues are the Sin of Lust and the Sin of Anger. It is not up to Pope Francis, therefore, to offer the solution. Only God can judge someone. It is up to God to solve this problem, and God has already done so.

St. Malachy gave prophecies for the popes from his lifetime to the last pope, and they followed true until Pope Benedict. He was supposed to be the Olive Pope, and then Pope Francis would logically be the last pope, overseeing the end of the church, and "in extremis," but how did the prophecies hold true? The end times are not necessarily the end of the church, but the end of the cycle--a 2000 year cycle, and there are always two popes at the beginning and the end of each cycle. St. Peter addressed the principles, and Jesus of Nazareth addressed the application of the principles. Just after the death of Pope John Paul ll, God chose the Olive Pope, not the cardinals, and Benedict XVI was the last pope of the last cycle. Francis is one of the first popes of the new 2000 cycle. God speaks through the prophets, and there are always a minimum of 144,000 Lightbearers on the planet. The Olive Pope is the overview prophet--the One Prophet that unifies all the prophets, because One is made up of many parts. It is up to the Olive pope to resolve the two issues that cannot be resolved from within the church, and to carry the solution through to the point where it is as if the problem never existed.

If you take Pope Francis and place him at the apex of a triangle, based on power, and array the cardinals, archbishops, bishops, and so on, the lowest in power are the lowest level of the equilateral triangle. If you take an opposing triangle, based on the 144,000 prophets, the Olive Pope sits on the lowest point, and the light-bearers are arrayed also, based on their guides, such as Archangels Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and Uriel.

The Star of David is a symbol of Judaism, but it is also a symbol of genocide, and character defamation is an individual form of genocide. The end of the cycle has brought many changes, and those who rely the old structure are resisting the changes, and judging Pope Francis. Once the two popes come together, they drag the two triangles together, and the new cycle begins and goes mainstream. The changes Pope Francis is making to the church will help to bring world peace, and the unification of all the religions.